Friday, June 30, 2006

Bad Blood

I went out earlier to unwind and have a good time. I ran into some people I hadn't seen in awhile and played pool while we caught up. I lost two games and won one!

In comes my ex's boyfriend/keeper/sponge. (I call him a sponge because they aren't really together, but my ex pays the bills for him and his family). He is a piece of work and cannot stand me. My ex is dealing with my dad in the sale of his house and his boyfriend/keeper/sponge happens to be doing the painting on the house.

When he first came in I didn't know this. He was dressed in paint clothes and I didn't think anything of it. I heard him talking about painting somewhere, and he was making it a point to say how bad it was and how hard he is working. On and on he went about how bad the house was and how hard he was working.

Later, after he left, someone asked me why he was painting my dad's house. Then it clicked about how freaking rude he was being-talking loud to make sure I heard that he was painting a house that was really gross. It is not really gross, it just hadn't been painted in awhile-maybe 4 years ago.

It just floors me how rude people are, not only that but how my dad is being taken advantage of by my ex. I tried to warn him by telling him not to trust him and to stay away from him but he still considers him family for some reason. I doubt he will after he finds out the hard way.

I have heard from mutual friends about how he is getting the reputation of a crook so I guess the only thing that I can take comfort in is "what comes around, goes around".

Until then, I'll just have to shake my head and wonder why people are so cruel.


JC said...

What a jerk, maybe he'll be overcome by paint fumes...

Sim Warford said...

I don't understand it, either, but people often just are that way. Maybe they just don't know any better--or don't care. And it seems to be getting worse.
Hopefully, your dad has any valuables locked up.