Sunday, June 18, 2006

Out of the blue

Rick's sister works for a doctor, and is getting ready to give her notice since she found another job. She asked me if I wanted, she would refer me to take her place as office manager. I've met him a few times-he has a dry sense of humor and is kinda quirky but it would pay well and I would get out at noon on fridays. I said "I'll take it!!!"

So hopefully that will be a good job lead-not getting my hopes up too much, but maybe! Hopefully by this time next week I'll be employed and not bankrupt!!!

I won a few things this weekend-a pizza, a few tshirts, 2 movie tickets, a stopwatch, a haircut, a backpack and a customizable mousepad from Kodak. I got the Mp3 player in that I had won a few weeks ago. Still waiting on a big one :O

Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


JC said...

Good Luck on the job front, this sounds like the best job prospect you've mentioned so far - I know what you mean about perosnalities at work - sometimes no matter what the pay is, it's not worth it.

Sim Warford said...

Well good luck on the job prospect! Sounds pretty good!
Hope you had a good weekend, yourself! We did! Sim