Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Getting a bit nervous...

The office called and said to come in a bit later since we had all this snow. The news said we have got about 15 inches so far, and it is still coming down out there.

Petey took off romping in it earlier but randy stood shivvering on the porch with that look of "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??". When I had to chase down Petey to get him inside the snow drifts came up to right above my knees in the backyard-all I could see of him was rustling snow and a tail here and there.

I have everything prepared for tomorrow, now I just have to get to sleep. I'm a night owl by nature as it is and then mix in being a little nervous-I'm starting to get sleepy so I think it will be ok. I spoke with my Dad earlier and he is insisting on giving me a wake up call tomorrow!

I had to dig through all my "nice" clothes that I haven't worn in almost 3 years to find something that still fit. Luckily I didn't toss all my ties, dress shirts and sports jackets out like I had thought about.

The nervousness has come and gone today-I have to keep telling myself that I have done this type of work before, I am good at it and I CAN run an office. It just has been so long since I have done it. Before I got into real estate years ago I was shy and introverted and changed that when I had to. I have been out of situations where I had to take charge for a while now so I am hoping it will all come back to me.

I'll know by this time tomorrow!!

I Hope everyone is having a great week and not covered in snow like we are!

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