Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spring came and went!

It is snowing! The news said we are supposed to get at least a foot tonight and into tomorrow. So much for my flowers! We had a week or two of a spring teaser and now this!

I didn't hear anything about the job today. Rick's sister works at the office I'm applying at and told me that the lady that would be checking my references and calling me went home because of a sick child. Maybe I'll hear something tomorrow. I did go ahead and send thank you notes to the three people that took time to interview me, so maybe that'll help some.

If I get this job one thing I will have to get used to again is the elevator. I have always had an aversion to them as well as heights. I'm not claustrophobic, I just don't like the idea of dangling on a cable I guess-I know that isn't the case, but that's how I feel! The office is on the 3rd floor and I would have to drive up 5 flights to park (which is an odd and new experience for me) and take the elevator back down.

We had good news with Rick's job-he got a raise and a pretty hefty bonus today. Maybe a few cents will be left after paying bills and buying the few leftover things to finish fixing the house up.

Last week I had funny feeling in the pit of my stomach for a couple of days. It would only happen at night when I was laying down to bed. I could not figure out what it was. I thought maybe it was being nervous about applying for this job, but that wasn't it. My Dad figured it out for me-I was telling him about it and he said "You are feeling homesick". He was right, I guess all the change hit me at once. Thankfully just talking about it with my Dad helped plus I am feeling more at home every day.

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