Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Overwhelmed & Overdressed...

I wasn't sure of the office policy on what to wear so I dressed up in a coat and tie. When I get to work-everyone is in jeans! They joked that I was an inside plant to raise the bar on office dress! So tomorrow I will feel better dressing more casual.

On the way to work I rolled my window down and the snow on the top of the car slides right into my lap. Then walking up to the house at lunch I hit an ice spot and banged my shin on the steps, got one leg tangled up in the railing and went face first into the snow! I was more embarrassed than hurt-but at least I made the mailman's day!

Thankfully most of the work I'll be doing is entering case files into the database, receiving mail and sorting it, paying bills, and sending thank you notes to donors. There is so much of it at once that I was feeling overwhelmed today. I'm hoping that I can settle into a routine soon and feel better about it.

Everyone was really nice and helpful and that went such a long way to make me feel comfortable.

I hope everyone had a great day :) Here is to hoping I can stay dry and upright while walking tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Now that I think about it, I've always shown up for any event either under or over-dressed!