Friday, September 22, 2006

But will I ride the rides?

We have a tri state fair here every year. I missed a few years but we are going to go tomorrow-Rick won some tickets at work. It's fun, with all the rides, the midway, the livestock shows, the games and the scary carnies.

My parents met at this fair in 1958 and were married and pregnant at the one in 1959! They were on a double date-not together. My Mom was with a guy she was set up with from the girl that my Dad was on a date with.

My Dad told me that as soon as he saw my Mom he knew. He couldn't stand the girl he was on a date with and at one point told my Mom. She said that she thought the guy she was with was a dud so they snuck off. She poured some of her smuggled in cherry vodka in his coke and the rest is history.

I'm going to smuggle some cherry vodka into the fair tomorrow, pour it into my coke and toast her-if it hadn't been for this fair, the crappy dates, and cherry vodka -I wouldn't be here.


The Persian said...

aww what a cute story about your parents. My ex and I would do the vodka thing hidden in fountain soda cups often when we went to the movies.

Have a great weekend buddy!


Derek said...

damn love that new picture, you just keep getting hotter and hotter, woof!

Donna said...

I think the first hard liquor I ever had was cherry vodka mixed with Coke. Tasted just like an ordinary cherry Coke!

DEREK said...

I always loved the fair, how was it, I remember sneaking away from my parents when I was a little boy, they finally found me hours later sitting on the fat lady's lap, I thought I was part of the show, and I think everyone thought I was too. Except my mom who took me screaming from her lap.