Monday, September 18, 2006

SOLD and a deleted rant

My dad finally closed on his house. My childhood house. He got a good amount of money that he will be able to live on for a long time. He was so worried about getting the deal closed and I know it is a load off of his mind so I am happy for him.

I'm kinda sad and mad that he sold it and I know my mom would be so freaking pissed off that he sold it!

When I used to have money I offered to buy them a house in a better part of town for them to live in and either rent out their old house or sell it for money for them to have savings-you would have thought I slapped her-I had never seen her so mad-she said a few choice four letter words and hung up on me! God I miss her.

But with just my dad, he is estatic-he called me and wants to go celebrate with an all you can eat shrimp dinner for 15.99-that is him splurging!

I had too much to drink tonight and just deleted the rest of a rant that no one wants to hear!

I hope everyone has a great week :)


The Persian said...

ah HA! so you weren't kidding about posting drunk. Oh man we could have so much fun sometime.

Let's do a drunk podcast via Skype!

:) Hope your week is going ok

and Good for Dad!

Damien said...

Hi Jeff,
Just found your blog. My family home was turned into a bed and breakfast a few years ago. It felt like I was orphaned. Every time I pass the house I see ghosts.