Sunday, September 10, 2006


You can't have watched television for the last few days without seeing something about it. I have watched a few shows/specials/documentaries and I have Flight 93 via Netflix sitting on my coffee table.

Out of all of the things I have watched-the one thing that made me cry surprised me. I don't even recall the title of the documentary-Rick dvr'd it.

There was this lady that was telling her story of getting out of the building. There was the interviews with the real people and a docu-style actor thing going on in between.

The lady was talking about the clothes she was wearing that day. It was a white pair of pants. She talked of how everyday she scrubbed them and hung them up to dry. Then the next day she would scrub some more-working on every stain day after day.

Her mission was to get them clean, as if getting every last bit of evil and sadness out of the pants. It was the only thing that kept her sane.

And in between some laughter and tears she held up the pants and said "they are clean now-they don't fit anymore but they are finally clean".

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