Friday, September 15, 2006

Still no word...

I'm starting to feel like a bastard at a family reunion-no call backs still :O

I found 3 more job leads and sent resumes in. I sound good on paper at least so I am hoping for at least one interview before they turn me away!

I did get one callback from a company, then when I heard what the detailed job entailed and found out that it had been robbed twice this year I declined. Although it is sounding good right about now.


The Persian said...

You got me curious, what sort of position would you be applying to that get's robbed? A Bank?

Love that intro line, "bastard at a family reunion" lol I'll have to use it sometime.

Have a great weekend Jeff :)

herwest said...

At work I'm feeling like a red-headed step child. Maybe we can form a union? Best quote of the past--err past two weeks was Michael on Project Runway on his Couture gown, when he said, "I'm sweating like a whore in church..." when his model was walking down the runway.

You're laughing about it now, i.e. the comment in the bar? The comment was so totally shitty as to be beyond shitty into the land of totally f'ed up. Did you get their license plate numbers... or at least WHO they were, or what they looked like. Because that is some grnd floor bull caca, and I would like the opportunity to do some rusty spoon surgery on the comment maker--i.e., giving them a much needed new asshole.

Why do I say i.e. so much?

And why haven't we watched any of the Madea movies together, and with your Rickness. It is so damn funny.

By the way your old computer insisits that it's still teh "Gay." So there is gay at the front desk--don't know what those dumbfuck(s) were talking about.


Derek said...

best of luck buddy, someone will be lucky to get you! Don't hit that red button yet!