Monday, September 11, 2006

My car is finally ready, I'll have to be creative to be able to pay for the deductible to get it tomorrow!

I had a job lead last week that sounded promising-I sent my resume and made a follow up phone call today. Keeping fingers crossed on this one, it pays really well-double what I was expecting to find.

I wanted to spend today not seeing any of the specials/documentaries on TV about 9/11 but Rick wanted to watch EVERYTHING even the presidental address. I just wanted to spend a normal day doing normal things and be thankful that I could.

I spent time doing laundry while Rick was watching the shows and while walking through to put laundry away I caught a video of one of the people who fell or jumped from the WTC.

That image has always put the whole thing into perspective for me. It makes it personal, it makes me hurt, it makes me sad, it breaks my heart and it makes me so %*#@ing angry.


Ginger said...

Amen. :(

Hope you get that job soon.

Big hugs :)

The Persian said...

Yea good luck with that double-paying job!! *crosses fingers*

I know what you mean about being angry over those videos, it's like a mixed sense of sadness and fury.


letti said...

hey good luck with the job..and i also know what you mean about all the 9/11 stuff. I was still back in malaysia and working as an intern, on call at night, when it came over the radio or tv, but i'll never forget where i was or what i was doing at that time. Even though i came to the states only in late 2003, it's all very real to me, and still affects me. *hugs*

Derek said...

man you work hard, how do you have time to blog! Big Bear hug

herwest said...

double is damn good. i have sent good mojo you way.

i don't know if i watched the same documentary type thing on discovery that you did--but they did show some of the footage of people when they started to fall. one person said you didn't know what it was until they passed down below her, and then she couldn't grasp it, the reality that it was people falling from the building.

it is sad to me, because it is human, falling and moving while they're falling because they didn't want to be burned alive. it is totally helpless, there was nothing there to save them--and they were doing the best thing for them--their dire circumstances, and that was it.

too many sad things going on in the world today--mostly because they're so damn human--and mostly sad because of the empathy factor.

wouldn't it be cool to just fly to las vegas and gamble and watch great shows? oh wait. you DID. what a cool motherfucker you are with your winnings and what not. and no, i'm not whining--you definitely deserved such a nice treat.

now about that net-flix obscurity? i haven't looked lately, but i've got some idears too.