Monday, September 04, 2006


I'm still waiting to hear on a couple of jobs I have applied for and interviewed with. Budget meetings and background checks oh my! Hopefully I'll hear something tuesday. I'll go through the want ads again probably tonight.

I've been so stressed about it the last couple of nights I've been having trouble sleeping. From that and bills bills bills!

We have been getting a lot of rain lately which always helps my mood-it is nice today overcast and under 70.

I have had a few good wins lately.

I hope everyone has a great day :)


Kristin said...

Any news on the job front?
Keep your head up and hit Monster. They've taken down most of the "crap" jobs and are posting some decent ones lately.

The Persian said...

Hey there Jeff, I think something has gone awry with your template, the side bar is shifted over and down to the right.

Good luck with the job search!


herwest said...

on err job front -- I think I know something about something, and it's rain and not sunshine.

However, on an unrelated note--I bet you have drowsy related medicinals, as in medicine, pain killers and the such in YOUR house. Oh, but not here, not tonight.

And go you on the winning. I am sorry about the rain though, on the err front. It is extremely nice to have you back in my conversational world. :o)

Maybe if your bills and our bills got together, they'd fight, and rip each other to shreds, and their collective creditors would digest slowly in the stomach of a monster bill that would roam the nation, looking for the biggest prick in the country *cough*bush*cough* to eat next.


I can see it now. look, a little to the left--see? There it is. :P