Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another addition to the family...

This friday I'm picking up Taylor from my ex. Taylor is an american foxhound and very well behaved. I think I posted a picture of him awhile back. I'll take some new ones of him when he gets here.

He was a stray pound puppy-he looked pitiful when I saw him that day. He was hunkered down at the back of the cage shivvering and whining until he saw me and then he ran up to the bars, sat down and put his paw up-it was love at first sight.

Randy knows him and tolerates him like he does Petey. Taylor loves to play around so I'll bet Petey will have a blast-Randy won't play with him since he is older.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself - Josh Billings

I hope everyone had a good day-the weekend is almost here!


Anonymous said...

My pets are a "blended" family; Baron, my Rottweiler, was abandonded as a pup, adopted by a friend, who subsequently had to move across the country--so he (and a piano) ended up with me. My dad's two dogs moved in with us two months ago; one came from the pound, the other just appeared one day. Lestat, the Cat, we've had since he was a kitten (another friend gave him to us) then there's Bobbie, a cat that was "forgotten" when some neighbors moved--and ended up adopting us! Great quote about dogs! It's so true. Can't say the same about cats (though I love them just as much!).

Anonymous said...

forgot to sign my name!


Derek said...

I love this entry. I love dogs too! My first one was from the pound and I've always loved that one the most, and she loved me the most too. Hope your doing good!