Thursday, April 28, 2005

the panhandler and the D I V O R C E

I was alone at work most of the day and oddly it went by quick-I was thinking it would be slow as molasses. I did lunch alone. There is a subway a block away and I walked over there and on the way back got hit up by a panhandler.

From a bad mugging experience from a panhandler years ago I don't respond to them well at all. This one got pissed when I said no, followed and heckled me. I never felt unsafe, there were many people around downtown.

Overall it was a good day-I got caught up on most of my bills, did some shopping and lazed around after I got home but still feel a sort of depression hanging over me. I can't pinpoint what it is. It has been lingering for a few weeks. I usually don't cry while watching movies but lately I have been a blubber baby.

I'm usually not an emotional person outwardly, I tend to be more reserved so it has thrown me off a bit. I know to some it seems like I am cold, Rick said that he has never met someone so reserved emotionally before.

For instance-a couple of friends of ours split after 9 years. While I am sad and feel badly for both I haven't got caught up in their "drama" and see it for what it really is-a bad divorce where both sides are using emotions to control as well as the he said/he said game.

I think I wrote about it here once where Rick has chosen one side over the other and I haven't. I still haven't but I tend to talk more to the one that doesn't want to talk for 3 hours about their pity party.

So both of them and Rick think that I am weird that I haven't been devistated by the breakup. Then when I tried to explain to Rick how I see what is going on (games, etc) he said how can you not be more emotional about this.

I told him that one person is trying to control the other by one day coming over and the next day saying I never want to see you again-this is the person who left yet still keeps showing up when he needs something. The other person is trying to get sympathy (and control the other) by saying that he will never love another person again and no one will ever want him and he has no reason for living.

It is exhausting dealing with both of them and I got tired of being used where they both ask what the other had said. I don't think Rick had looked at what each are getting out of the relationship still-even though it is over.

My Mom has a saying-People and pigs like to wallow in Sh** because its warm and gooey. I think this applies to both.

Don't get me wrong-I don't look down on them at all and do sympathize and have my own problems-I think that is why I don't want to deal with theirs as well and I'm fed up with their relationship issues spilling over into mine.

Ok, I'm through venting/ranting :0 I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and a wonderful weekend.

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Anonymous said...

There's only so much drama one person can take. I'm proud of you for not wanting to bring more of it in your life. Have a great weekend! Russ