Thursday, April 14, 2005

True Colors, learning styles and a proposition for Rick....

Today at work I had two informative classes.

The first one was figuring out what type of environment you learn best in and how to adapt to it. It was interesting. I'm a visual/kinesthetic learner. I got a zero in auditory learning. I'm the type that will take something out of a box and not read instructions and figure it out hands on. Cue cards, graphs and video are supposed to help me learn faster.

It was pretty dead on to how I have learned things easier my whole life. A classic style lecture class puts me to sleep. I had a few of those in college and learned more on my own than in class. I made perfect grades on anything with a lab and I got perfect grades in classes that I made cue cards to learn the material.

The next one was about what type of personality you have/how you are perceived. True Colors. I'm a green with a close blue second. I talked Rick into coming to it. It was really informative and I learned more about how to avoid conflict by knowing how to interact with the other types of personalities and what they need and how they look at themselves.

Poor Rick, he thought it was going to be a lecture and he would sit there and listen. It was a little more interactive. He was the greedy orange eater in a little "play" up on stage. It was just a little skit to see how easy it is to mediate a conflict and come to a resolution.

The other part that was funny was when we introduced ourselves. A tissue box was passed around and people took one or a few. So when it was your turn to intro you had to tell one thing about yourself for every tissue you took.

Rick took 3 and mentioned he likes the mountains, flyfishing and something about his job. Then it got over to the other side of the room and this one lady said "I want my tissue to stand for a quesion" "I want to know if Rick is married, I love fly fishing and the mountains".

Everyone that knew me looked right at me like they were expecting me to say "why yes, yes he is" or something like that. Later we all got a kick out of it.

I'm wore out-I left the house at 8AM and got in about 10PM. I'm glad tomorrow is friday!! I hope everyone has a great day.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like the lecture was led by a former hippy...they always want to do the touchy-feely thing. And they usuaully insist people sit in a circle. Funny entry! Thanks. Russ

Anonymous said...

Well, I ended up blue, with green second--and gold and orange tied for a distant third!
I've always considered myself largely self-taught; which is probably why I'm only good at things I'm interested in! The lecture itself, though it sounds interesting, is usually the type I'd run a mile to avoid--like group therapy! Sim

herwest said...

You are always 98% right Jeff!


And about the whole "question" thing--I wanted to raise my hand so bad--and yell it out!

That was truly classic.

I need to leave a bunch of oranges on your doorstep.