Wednesday, April 20, 2005

An apology and lots of scanning...

Today was a pretty good day, it flew by because it was so hectic and busy.

We are preparing for an appreciation dinner for tomorrow and I had to scan about 200 pictures to be used for a slide show. I will have to rethink my scanner/printer position. I kept having to stand up to insert the picture and then sit down to run the program. I wasn't too busy with normal things so I was glad to help out-the person I am helping is so much busier than I and it felt good to lighten her load.

Tomorrow will be pretty busy with setting up for the dinner. I'm looking forward to it. Then we have training for the next two weekends I will help prepare for as well as attend.

Rick finally saw things my way about his daughter-he has been really nice yesterday and today-I even got an apology which is rare. I think it helped that everyone ganged up on him and took my side-his mother, sister, x-wife....

So it's shaping up to be a good week, although busy. Even a friend of mine that had been out of town for awhile is back in town and I'm hoping to see him Friday.

I get paid Friday too-even better. I'll be able to pay a few bills that are late.
I'm hoping in a few weeks to be caught up and maybe have some savings as well.

My Mother went to see a radiologist and it was good news. He told her with 8 weeks of radiation every day and 8 weeks of chemotherapy once a week will give her a 45% chance of a cure. The idea of no drastic surgery has my Mother feeling so much better already.

The other good news was what looked like cancer in her cheek bone is only the tumor protruding into the bone, not growing in it.

Now I'm going to drop a bomb in my tub!


Anonymous said...

Well,that's some good news about your Mom, anyway. She (and you) are in my thoughts.
And happily, Rick apologized! It's a pity it sometimes takes so much effort to get someone to realize they're in the wrong!

herwest said...
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herwest said...

Your thighs needed a workout.

--I feel like such a dork for asking you to scan those--because you've fung shuied your workspace so.

As always, much relieved about your mom--and will be here whenever she does start treatments to help you out whenever/however I can.

And as for the other...

Coke Float

See--told you he was a perculator. :o)

(I misspelling my first comment. You're 98% so I wasn't going to take any chances.)





Just a thought. All caps doesn't mean I was YELLING at you or anything. I was just being emphatic.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news about your mom! Does it feel like things are really going well for you now? I hope so. Enjoy it! Russ

Planet Kristin said...

Alright Jeff! That is great news...
If you talk to your dad tell him we're still thinking of them; and to holler if they need anything.

Will she still have to travel to Houston or are they there now?

Try to go easy on Rick. It's not easy being a dad. He's caught between doing the right thing and being loyal to his little girl.

Kick his butt if he needs it; just make sure you kiss and make up after. LOL!

Drinks this week?

dEREK said...