Monday, April 25, 2005

Rainy Monday..

Work went by pretty fast today. I got caught up on a bunch of paperwork and did some organizing.

We had a nice rain, but it got colder-around 40-finally clearing up after dinner.

The training on the weekend went well-I learned a lot of things that will help, not just in the job, but in life in general. So far something I have learned in training has helped in two instances. I've never had training before that after it is complete I get a badge-so I'm looking forward to that.

Rick is getting depressive about work. Escalated calls in customer service can't be fun. I'm trying to get him to go to a therapist/counselor in order to learn new ways on handling those types of calls. He gets real quiet when its almost time for work and has used several of his vacation days already just so he won't have to go deal with it.

While I can completely understand that, I don't want him to live like that-been there, done that. I think it will help in that aspect as well as many others. I also suggested a blog to help vent-works for me! I told him tomorrow after work I'll show him how to set one up and get going with it.

I have been thinking about going to see someone-I figured it can't hurt. I've been to one before and got a lot out of it.

I hope everyone had a good Monday and that Tuesday is even better.


Anonymous said...

It's cold and rainy here too. Doesn't really do wonders for depression does it? SIGH. Be sure to link Rick's blog in yours --- he'll find out there are people who understand and support each other. Russ

Anonymous said...

Yes, a cold rainy day here as well. And I loathed all the customer service jobs I've ever had--except maybe one. I chose to find another job rather than work through the issues with the job at hand. Of course, now I don't have a job! Therapy can't really hurt--I've considered it again, myself. But the last time, the couselor was more concerned with my drug and alcohol abuse. HUH? I rarely drink--and the only drugs I take are prescriptions--to treat what I was seeing the counselor for! But I live in a serious backwater. Go figure! Sim