Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It finally felt like spring today...

Today was a long day at work but when I got home Rick had dinner going on the grill outside as a surprise. It was funny, on the way home I stopped and got a key lime pie just for the heck of it, so we had a pretty good dinner.

Another surprise was when a friend from work dropped off some fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and some milk. She has said she was going to go home and bake cookies and drop them off on my porch-but I thought she was kidding since she made a comment about feeling domestic today! It was a nice surprise.

The weather was nice today and it finally felt like spring-Rick took these pictures of the red bud tree, apple tree and tulips in bloom:

I hope everyone had a great day :)


Kristeena said...

LOVE the photos!! I have the pink flowery trees in my yard, but the wind took care of all the blossoms last week. =( Isn't it nice to see spring's FINALLY arrived??

(love the pink ones, too!!)

irina said...

Isn't it great to stop from time to time and watch the beauty of this world... get aware of it. And when you are not alone to do that it gets even better...
Your photos are wordless emotions. They are great. Thank you for your comment in my blog.

Anonymous said...

My tulip is blooming, too! It's also about three feet from where I planted about 40 two autumns ago. Moles and other critters do that. But at least they leave my lilacs and other stuff alone!