Friday, April 08, 2005

A busy week...

This week at work has been busier than normal. I have many reports to compile and end of last month progress sheets to input. I get to work and type away until it is time to leave!! It's not really that bad, the other day we had a press conference at the county courthouse and I was on T.V.

My dad calls afterwards and says "I just saw the second most handsome man on television!" When I ask who is the first-he says "why of course, me."

I want to thank everyone again for your nice comments regarding what is going on with my Mom. I had one of those fate moments last Saturday. I volunteered to sign up latecomers at our fund raising walk/run we had at work. The other lady that signed up for the same duty happened to be extremely nice and the doctor/patient liaison at our cancer center.

She told me to have my parents call her and she would help. My Dad called her today and she was really helpful to them-they have an appointment to see her next Monday. It turns out that my Parents doctor who told them they had to go to Houston was wrong. Everything that can be done there, can be done here as well. She also offered them many more options that they weren't told of while in Houston.

I could tell the difference in their mood since then. He was really happy that the lady made it a point to tell them that she is calling their doctor to explain to him that people don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for nothing, they can stay here. My Dad told her to hit him with both barrels!

Other than work and trying to get a few things done around the house I haven't been up to very much.

I found a nifty way to catalog all of my books-something I have been wanting to do but didn't want to manually enter all the info. With a bar code reader and software from you just scan the ISBN number and it transfers the books information into your database. I spent about an hour last night scanning away-I got about 100 in. Their software also catalogs vhs, dvd and music cd's the same way. If you don't have a bar code reader, they send one free when you buy the software.

Tonight was Rick's fathers 70th birthday and we had a surprise party at a restaurant. It was fun. We all ate way too much, and then had some cake!

I hope everyone has a great weekend-and thanks again for all the support and kind words-it means a lot to me. I apologize for not keeping up with my journal reading lately, I'll try to catch up with everyone this weekend :) Jeff


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you are handling all of this stress so well. I'd crumble!! Not kidding. You rock! Russ

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what fate can sometimes do! That's good news, at least!
It's equally amazing what Drs. won't or don't tell you; sometimes they just don't know--other times, I think they intentionally withhold information. And I've encountered a few who really shouldn't even be in the profession.
50% of my books are pre-ISBN--though that's really a pretty handy way to do it!