Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Two surprises...

#1) I knew that we were having a going away get together today at the office for an intern that is graduating and going on to get her Masters. So at about 2:30 today we all gathered and I was looking forward to a mid afternoon sugar rush of cake and cookies. On the table was a gift for her and two cards.

I'm standing there drooling for cake and was handed a card with my name on it. I said, uh oh, it's a going away party for two????

Apparantly it was Executive Assistant Day-Everyone had passed a card around and chipped in for a Barnes and Nobles gift certificate. I was really surprised since I hadn't been there that long.

I finally feel comfortable with 90% of what I'm doing and still don't dread going to work. Of course when I get up in the morning and would rather go back to bed, but once I get going I'm fine.

#2) Today Rick looked up our insurance coverage pertaining to therapist/counseling on his own initiative. I was really surprised he did this without me having to badger him for weeks! The best part is that it is free.

I hope Rick follows through. I'm definetely going to use this. Look out therapist/counselor here I come...


letti said...

assistant executive day!!! how sweet..they should also have harried housewife day :)

BTW, Taylor is soooo cute! It MUST be heavenly to have a well behaved dog..mine are pretty much uncultured slobs for now..but we're working on it..LOL

herwest said...

You deserve the recognition.

Yup. :O)