Sunday, February 13, 2005

Still moving...

I didn't get anything moved today but I packed a major amount of stuff. Saturday I had the use of a pickup but it rained, today was beautiful but I didn't have access to a pickup.

Tomorrow I have the use of a trailer, but the pickup I have access to doesn't have a hitch! I will probably be able to get a lot moved with just the pickup hopefully-so maybe it will all work out. I'm hoping I'll have the dsl hooked up tomorrow so I can move the computer over and start living there by the weekend.

I had the oddest rental call today. I got back home and had a message from a lady that left 2 numbers and wanted to see the apartment. So I call the home number back and left a message. Then I called the cell phone and a guy answered, so I asked for the lady. He said he was her husband and wanted to know what it was in regards to. So I told him I was returning her call about an apartment for rent. Apparantly he didn't know she was calling OR moving for that matter.

About 15 minutes later, the lady calls back. She sounds very upset and is all but accusing me of making it up that she called. She demanded I tell her husband that it wasn't her that called. By this time I was busy packing and put off that these people are including me in their domestic quarrels. I told them good luck and please don't call back.

My 2 dogs are upset with all the disarray. They have been to the new house so it is familiar to them, but in the apartment chaos they are running around the house sniffing and whining. When I take boxes out the door they start barking. I keep telling them that they are coming with us, but I think they are leary!

They are really going to be upset when they find out that Taylor is coming to live with them and that I'll be dog sitting my parents chihuahua Corky when they go to Houston for my Mothers surgery.

We still haven't found a home for the squatter pit bull, but I am not going to let Petey and Randy near her-they would be two little tasty treats for her I fear.


letti said... have 2 doggies! Our puppy is erratic with his pooing day he makes me happy and next day i'm back to cleaning the crate again

Kristeena said...

I'm not sure about your babies being breakfast for the pit - my Peanut can hold his own with the big dogs. In fact I think in his mind he IS a pitbull. I think its better to be safe. I'm still just so glad you didn't turn her over to the pound.
big hug!!
=) kris