Monday, February 14, 2005

More moving...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

We made full use of the pickup we borrowed today. We got a bunch moved-dressers, end tables, many boxes, dining room table and chairs, etc. My apartment looks so bare now except for the dust bunny conference I was unaware I was hosting!!

I had called my ISP last week to get my DSL service moved to the new house. I called them back today to see where it was standing and was informed that it would be 2-3 weeks??!! I'll go into withdrawals if I have to wait that long! I'm asking friends and family who they have and if they are happy with their ISP-I hate to lose mine since I have been with them for over 10 years-but 2-3 weeks?? Who knows, they all might be that long of a wait.

Valentine's Day was lost in the shuffle of moving today. We were too tired too cook and got take out and stopped by the store for some clearance chocolate!! Today was Randy's 10th birthday as well as the 7th anniversary of when my Schnauzer Reggie was killed.

Reggie was a cutie. He wouldn't bond with me for the longest time, but a couple of years before he died he finally would let me hold him.

I had taken in a stray mutt that was very playful. She loved to play with Reggie, but Reggie didn't like her. She would jump on him and play bite at him. On Valentines morning my ex let them all out in the yard and about 10 minutes later I hear Randy and rudy barking (a bark like I had never heard before). The stray mutt was dragging Reggie around the yard while Randy and Rudy were trying to pull Reggie away from the mutt.

She had got her back teeth caught in his collar and couldn't get loose and had choked him. I'll never forget, after we had buried Reggie I couldn't find Rudy or Randy- about the time I was getting panicked I found them laying on top of where I had buried him-cuddled together whimpering.

Since then, Valentines day has been a little less for me, but the birthday boy cheered me up each year!

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