Thursday, February 10, 2005

Moving day...

We found a really good deal on some carpet and it should be installed Saturday.

We got 4 truckloads over to the new house. So far nothing has broke! Although I was opening the door to the storage building that had my couch in it and bruised a few ribs. You have to lift up on the door to get the lock to work and shove-I shoved too soon and jabbed the door latch into my ribs. It only hurts when I breathe and blink! Nah, it's really not that bad, not enough to keep me from finally moving after I have waited so long.

Rick found a lady who may take the dog that took up residence in the dog house at the new house. I'll feel so much better doing that instead of calling the pound-our local pound immediatly puts any pit bull down and the other shelter doesn't have room at the moment.

I finally got a decent sounding prospect to show the apartment to tomorrow. Hopefully this one won't disappear on me. In another unit, the heater pilot light won't stay lit-ANOTHER call to the plumber!

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Zenia said...

Who needs a heater pilot anyway.