Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The squatter...

I finally felt like I made headway today on the house. Tomorrow I'm going to rearrange what is already over there to make it easier to move all the stuff from my aparment in and try clean the master bedroom carpet. We thought we might as well at least make one attempt to clean it before going carpet shopping. Might as well, and if it saves time and money it'll be worth it.

I also have some dusting to do, some doors to put back up and a few other odds and ends. When I sanded the floors it put a layer of dust on everything in the kitchen and bathroom. I'm also going to bring all the boxes here to the apartment and maybe that will motivate me to fill them!

We have a squatter in our backyard to deal with. A female pit bull decided to take up residence in the dog house on the patio. It looks like she had puppies recently. Rick felt so bad since she was looking quite emaciated he got some food for her and we put down water. She is content to eat the food and spends most of the day in the dog house asleep.

The poor thing was starving and probably hadn't had a good sleep in awhile. We will probably call the humane society on her, but decided to give her a few days of rest and food before doing so. Rick also put a note on the bulletin board at work to see if anyone wanted her before we have her picked up.

Rick was box hunting the other day while he was helping his Dad put some stuff in their rental storage unit and found a box full of sticky note pads in the dumpster bin. They are the type that drug companies give out that have an odd sounding named pill on the top. We wont have to buy sticky notes for a very long time!! It made me take an extra peek in my dumpster when I took out the trash-you never know!


letti said...

things sound like they're going sooo well with your house. i wish i could get my david going !


Kristeena said...

awww I love pitbulls!! bless her heart, I'm glad she chose your home to invade - I think anyone else would have called the pound.