Monday, February 07, 2005

Still shaking my head...

I fully intended to get things done this weekend. We all know how that goes!

A series of events kept us from working on the house so I decided to not worry about it and just let it go and have fun instead of worrying. It was kinda nice just relaxing and letting loose for a change. Even in the face of getting my plumbing bill on Saturday!!

For the most part it was a good weekend. The only sour note was on Saturday when I was at a club and ran into my ex and his "entourage". He and a group of people that work at his office came in after their annual awards banquet.

I was thinking this is nice, I haven't seen these people in a long time. Then I realized that no one was acknowledging I was even there-even when I was face to face with many of them they would turn and walk away ignoring me. Finally after about 10 minutes one of them did, but only to tell me that my ex, after seeing me, had threatened to fire anyone who talked to me!!! Now I understood-sadly this has happened before. I should have known!

Instead of being angry, upset or vindictive I could only be shocked and laugh at all of them. These are adults that let someone control them to the point of who they can talk to in a public place-I'm still shaking my head.

The one that braved the wrath got scolded. What is this, kindergarten???? It only reiterates my resolve AGAIN that I did the right thing in leaving this relationship. But still, I'm aghast that adults would act in this manner. I cannot imagine having a boss that could dictate to me who I could talk to, it just escapes me and leaves me speechless.

Rick and I put money up for a super bowl pot on friday and we won one on the 3rd quarter. It was nice after all these years of doing these and never winning to finally win!

OK, my leisure weekend is over, it is time to get serious if Monday will allow it!


Kristeena said...

Ugh people can be such dorks. We all do immature, stupid things when we get hurt I guess but that's a bit ridiculous. I'm sure that made everyone around him feel so awkward.

Congrats on your Superbowl win!
=) kris

Anonymous said...

Jesus -- how old is your ex?? 15?? What adult does stuff like that?? You are a classy dude, Jeff. I hope you're feeling better. Russ