Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A lazy and stormy day

I got all of my books put up yesterday, and got the kitchen more arranged.

I didn't get a chance to get the rest of the things from the apartment since it rained all day-we even had a good old fashioned thunderstorm with hail later in the evening-it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I decided that was a perfectly good excuse to take the day off!

Actually I did several loads of laundry and organized my desk more. I had planned to hook up all the dvd/vcr/stereo stuff but after one look at all the wires I decided to wait! Rick has been taking advantage of the overtime that his company is offering, so he hasn't been able to help out as much.

I have made lists that keep growing. One for the address changes, one for things we need, one for things not to forget to do. Slowly I'm checking things off-but I keep remembering things to add to it. I'm not feeling so overwhelmed anymore so that is a good thing.

My car insurance went up again, so I spent some time calling around for cheaper quotes. Geico had the cheapest, but I don't know anyone that has had them and I'm not sure how good they are (the lizard alone is not enough!). Progressive was next, but like Geico-not sure.

We have dodged the flu or cold that is going around-everybody I know (and several bloggers I read everyday) are coming down with it. It sounds really nasty too. I hope everyone gets better soon!


letti said...

hi there! looks like everything's slowly coming together...like you, i wish everything was fixed and done!

as for the puppies, for now their momma is very protective of them and they're in the dog house outside..henry sleeps in the house. He's afraid of momma cos she growls when he's near - wanting to protect her pups - so we may not let them go near each other till the pups are older.

Ginger said...

Lists and plans always make me feel better and less overwhelmed. Even if I don't follow them LOL.

Keep dodging that flu, baby. It's the nastiest. {cough cough HACK}

Kristeena said...

Ya know the fun thing about moving and starting fresh is that its so exciting. It feels so wonderful to start a 'new life'. When you first move in everything's all clean and organized and in place - that's one of the best things about it.

I'm so happy for you - once the work's done you'll be able to enjoy it more.
=) kris

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling; I'm just glad we got a dvd/vcr all-in-one; I have trouble with wires and algebra myself.
Progressive gave me a better deal than Geico; I haven't had to file any claims, fortunately.