Thursday, February 03, 2005

Playing catch up

I'm finally feeling about 98% better. I still have some congestion, but nothing major. Now I get to play catch up and try not to wear myself down again. The house looms, just waiting for me!

I went to see my parents today, they seem to be doing a little better attitude wise, but I'm still worried. Both of them seemed defeated today. I tried to tell silly jokes and bring up funny things from the past, not sure if it worked. Tomorrow I'm going to drop off a bunch of funny dvd's for them to watch.

I am back to sqaure one on the rental I thought I had rented. The lady disappeared! Yesterday I finally tracked her down and told her that she needed to pay and move in today or I would have to start showing it again. She said she would get back with me today-she never did. This is after she has already paid her deposit. I just don't get some people. I had turned down 8 other people and canceled the ad and she was acting like it wasn't a big deal. I guess blowing $200 isn't to her!

I sat up an appointment to show it today but the lady stood me up. I have one more prospect tomorrow and then I have to put the ad back in. Our local newspaper is really proud of their ad space, so not looking forward to that.

I hope everyone had a great week :)

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Anonymous said...

Spend that 200 bucks on something totally frivolous! Russ