Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Banana boxes full of books

Moving all of these books just about did me in! Someone suggested banana boxes from a produce dept. and luckily Walmart had a bunch of them. They are sturdy and have lids. A bonus was some overlooked bananas in the boxes that someone missed!

I got my dressers and the big desk moved. It was tricky getting the desk in since it had to be turned on its side and angled through the small hallway but we managed even though it was a close fit. So close that we nicked some of the fresh paint off of the trim. Touch up time!

The hardest part (aside from smashing my fingers and Rick getting knocked in the teeth with the desk) was getting the desk out of storage. I had to move 2 other desks and a couple of washing machines out first to get to it, then move them back in.

Tomorrow I plan on moving the hanging clothes, all the various items that are weird shaped and won't fit into boxes, and all of the kitchen. I hope I find some more energy between now and then! Thursday and Friday will be the "get it all over there no matter what" days. I hope to be living over there by then.

If I disappear for a few days it is because I'm waiting to get the dsl line in at the new house. I should have it up on Monday at the latest.

Rick found a home for the squatter pit bull. They are going to pick her up tomorrow.

An odd but fun puzzle.

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Russ said...

I doubt I'll ever move again because of the tons of books I've amassed since living in my current house. Just thinking of it makes me tired!