Saturday, February 12, 2005

Wet and tired...

The carpet guy came today instead of tomorrow. We barely had enough! Luckily this guy knew what he was doing and was able to fit it all in somehow. I have to admit, I wasn't hopeful when he pulled up.

He was in a rickety van, looked like he had a 3 day hangover and tripped on the carpet. Rick used to work with his Grandfather and happened to remember vaguely that he laid carpet. But sometimes first impressions can be wrong and the carpet looks great.

I had a prospect on the rental today, but he turned out to be a flake. He wanted to move in right then and not sign a lease. Like I don't have enough trouble as it is!!

Tomorrow we planned on spending most of the day moving more stuff, but the news shows that it is supposed to rain all day. It rained quite a bit today. I'll probably scout around for more boxes and finish up packing my books. I estimate I have a little over 1,000, I love to read but it is a pain moving them.

A bad oopsie!

A good oopsie.

Seeing into the future?

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