Friday, December 03, 2004

Bedside manners

Rick had his surgery on Thursday and it went great. We are still waiting for the lab reports to see if there were any cancerous cells in the tumor, but the doctor didn't seem to think that was a possibility.

He had mild pain yesterday but a mishap today removing the bandages caused him to almost blackout. The doctor told a nurse to removed the bandages and that there wasn't any sutures connected to the drain tube...there were. It wasn't a pretty sight and now he is on a demerol drip and feeling no pain...or knows who he is...or what month it is!

Actually he isn't that out of it and he is in good spirits. Hopefully he will get to come home tomorrow. The hospital that he had his surgery at has been a great place. All of the people there have went out of their way to do everything to make him, as well as the visitors feel right at home. Here are a couple of pictures of the patient:

This is probably why women live longer than men!

Now where is the giant baked potato?

I thought three were too many!

More federally funded lies.

Nothing like a good ole antique toilet!


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'm glad it went so well, except for the part with the sutures and bandages!


Planet Kristin said...

Poor guy! Give him a hug for me.
Can I do anything for you while he's healing? Dinner, grocery shopping, etc??