Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I took the day off today. I was going to go do some more painting, but decided to hang around the house and watch TV. I had a glass of wine with dinner at 6:30 PM and started watching a movie and the next thing I know I'm waking up and it's 9:45 PM!

My body is revolting from the manual labor on the house. When I woke up yesterday and today I had charlie horses in both legs. Two friends of mine have a cold/flu and I thought I'd better rest so I won't get run down and get sick. I had the flu in earlier October and do not want to get it again.

After 70 degree weather last week, our low last night was 17. I seem to be more succeptible to flus/colds when that happens. I haven't been sleeping well either-so all of these factors made me decide I needed to recharge today. Plus I decided it might postpone that nervous breakdown I have had penciled in on my schedule for the last few weeks :)

I have only got addicted to 2 shows this season. I HAVE to watch Lost on ABC and The Apprentice on NBC every week. I watched Desperate Housewives a few times, I liked it and the writing was awesome, but on Sundays I usually don't have time to watch TV at the time it is on.

I have given up on shows in the past for that reason, I would just forget when they came on or be busy-like 6 Feet Under and The sopranos. I did watch Sex in the City every season but the latter part of the last season of which I am catching up on now. I have stayed caught up with Queer as Folk. I would have like to have watched Carnivale and Deadwood but never seemed to catch them.

The Apprentice and American Idol seem to be the only reality shows I can handle. Wife Swap, The Real Gilligans Island, The Bachelor, He's a Lady, or The Biggest Loser are lost on me.

I got such a chuckle with myself one day while watching a commercial for Geico. If you have seen it, you know what I mean. It is the one where the couple look like they have just got married and are thrust into a house that is too small. They make it look like a real reality show commercial for a few moments and I looked at Rick and said "They've got to be kidding" and when it was revealed as a Geico commercial I couldn't quit laughing! Here it is online if you haven't seen it: The house is too small.

The CitiBank identity theft commercials are a favorite of mine.

This makes me hungry and puts me in the Christmas spirit plus it is a perfect companion for the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling fully charged and getting your sleep schedule somewhat normalized. "Desperate Housewives" is my new favorite show. I love everything about it! Russ

Jeff said...

Thanks Russ, I felt so much better today! I wish I had the time to watch Desperate housewives. The few times I watched it I loved it. The writing and the acting are superb. Leave me the link to your blog, would love to see it, Jeff

Anonymous said...
If that link doesn't work -- just Google "Inner and Outer Demons" (without the quotation marks). Russ