Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Leaky pipes

The plumber did not have good news. He says I have a leak under the house to a water inlet pipe. Luckily it is a pier and beam! My access to the crawl space was too small for him to fit into so he wanted to send their "small guy" tomorrow.

Meanwhile my meter is just spinning-so I will probably be looking forward to another high water bill. I'm entertaining the thought of learning to be a plumber just to be able to take care of things like this instead of worrying about how much this is going to cost!

As the plumber arrived we had a sudden rainstorm with major thunder and lightning, then it snowed, then hailed. It was an odd sight to see!

On a good note, we did not hear from the doctor today about Rick's test results. He had said that he wouldn't call if there was nothing to report on the oncology test.

He is feeling much better today, although the healing process is causing the scar to itch really bad-the hydrocodone is helping tremendously. He felt so good earlier on his "high" he said "man, you gotta take one of these, they're great!" I just laughed and said I'll save it for when I get the plumber's bill!

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