Monday, December 13, 2004

Long weekend

I kept meeting myself coming and going this weekend. Every spare moment was spent painting on the house. I have one more coat to go and then the trim. It is coming along nicely. The color I chose, a medium tan called Gobi desert, was darker than I expected, but I am happy with it.

I did have some time to play. I went out to a club Friday that was having a variety show benefit for a local charity to gather coats for children, and then Saturday I went to a friends house and we played board games. I hadn't played "Sorry" since I was a kid and forgotten how fun it was.

Our weather has been summer like, in the 70's which has been nice. I took the dogs with me to the house while I painted and let them romp in their new backyard.

Rick is doing so much better that he isn't needing the pain pills anymore. The scar is healing nicely and is already hardly noticable. The doctor suggested vitamin E oil and supplements for about 6 months to help fade it even further.

I'm too pooped to even attempt Weekend assignment #38 and it sounds like a fun one. Take a look and have a chuckle!

My friend Ginger has finished her novel My Immortal that she started for National Writing Month. She is still tweaking it, but check it out on her writing journal if you are looking for a good read. Feel free to comment and/or offer suggestions.

Now that is a tea with a kick!

Amazing aerial pictures taken of San Francisco less than a month after the earthquake in 1906.

Shaken, not stirred!

I won't be retiring in Britian!

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