Friday, April 14, 2006

5 day weekend

Rick took off a few days, so wednesday felt like friday, thursday like saturday and today like sunday.

He has 8 weeks of vacation every year and his job has a high stress level so I suggested he use some of it to get away for a bit. He was getting stressed out at home over the smallest things-I can already see a difference.

He is talking to a friend of his again that he had a falling out with, so it's nice to see him making an effort.

Brian has been at his job for almost 2 weeks, it's hard work but he likes it-he'll like it even more when he gets his first paycheck with over 90 hours on it.

I won a few more shirts this week from Miller Lite, and some cigars from CAO. Still waiting on my car or trip!

We have had more fires again, I saw one in the distance when I was coming home from my Dad's house earlier.

Our area has lost 1,035,880 acres since January 1. We need some rain.

This is a picture of a small town north of here that was almost destroyed:

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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Sim Warford said...

A vacation is almost always a good thing--even if the vacationer isn't working (like me!). Doug's been in a much better mood since we went to see his family Easter. He says he doesn't want to live there again, but I can sure tell the difference when we haven't been down for awhile. Everyone needs to get their batteries recharged.
I know it sounds weird, but I'd love to win a trip to New Orleans; I've never been there, and it's always been at the top of the list--still is, in spite of all the damage. So good luck on you winning a trip! Maybe your luck will rub off on me!