Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This is a picture I took awhile back in Colorado and stumbled upon it today. I had forgotten how much I liked it.

Randy got his bad teeth pulled and the few good ones left cleaned. He is still groggy and just wanting to lay there. He had an infection in his nasal cavity that will take awhile to heal.

He has a little pep in him and seems to be taking it all well.

Taylor is doing well and should get his stitches out soon. Here is a picture I took last winter with their matching sweaters (no I don't make them wear sweaters, I just put these on for a photo op and then put them back in storage!)

Petey is running around trying to figure out why everyone else is getting all of his attention.

I hope everyone had a great monday :)


Kristin said...

My Petey!!!
I miss the kids ~
Day at the park soon now that it's getting warmer?


Sim Warford said...

Great pictures--and I like the new one of you, too!
I'm glad to hear the "kids" are doing well--and I know how mine are when one gets to go to the vet, and the others smell that smell. . .

jay lassiter said...