Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Immigration bill....

This angers me on so many levels.

Aren't we all from immigrants? It is just an issue of how many generations it has been since our families have benefited from the same thing that may be taken away from others soon.

Where would our country be if it was decided from the beginning to build a wall and keep people out?

Yes I think there should be a system to document people coming into our country as well as a checks and balance system.

This all reeks of fearmongering and one of the most unAmerican things I have seen on the whole issue is that the immigrants are hurting our economy. If there wasn't an economic niche for them to fill they wouldn't want to come here.

Has anyone seen this movie:


Sim Warford said...

It angers me, too. Especially since it's primarily directed at Mexicans and other Latin Americans--who, after all, just want a better life for themselves, and their families. And our economy would be in a sorry state without these people, who'll work jobs the rest of us turn our noses up at. I hate to agree with the President on anything; but I have to agree with him on this!

The Persian said...

I haven't heard of this film.
And yes, we are a nation of immigrants. Even the Native Americans came here from the Orient via Alaska (when it was connected to Russia)