Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A new look, some pictures, and a new do

I found a new template today at Free Blogger Templates and spent awhile customizing it.

I took some pictures earlier while I was watering the lawn:

This is Randy trying to find a quiet place to recover

This is the puppy tenatively named Sissy AKA Brownie, or Pup

This is a rose of sharon with the new coming out while the old is still on it

Taylor being disturbed from his sun nap

This is me after finally breaking down and coloring the gray in my beard-I think it is too dark but everyone else likes it (or lying to appease me). Not sure if I will do it again-I might try a lighter color

This is the wisteria getting ready to make me want to sit on my patio when the breeze is light

I hope everyone is having a great week :)


Ginger said...

Lovin the new layout and the new 'do!

Anonymous said...

luv the doggie pics. I have 2 myself but always wanted a smaller dog. Right now I have a pit/pug mix and a rot/lab mix and hes huge!

Sim Warford said...

Love the pics! And your beard doesn't look too dark at all! I tried some a shade (or two) lighter than my natural color, and it didn't do anything. I'll try it again--maybe I didn't leave it in long enough. I've done it before, and it was way too dark--so I never leave it on the full 5 minutes.
I grew up with Dachsunds, as well as other breeds (usually mixed). I love just about all animals--but I would advise against pet goats (to anyone). They don't make good pets. They have horns, and they can climb just about anything!

Angie said...

Your new layout looks GREAT! I recently updated my personal blog (http:/// with a new layout too! Oh & the reason you couldn't comment on my wins blog a while back is b/c I had to turn it off for a bit...been getting spam...but hopefull that won't be a problem now!

The doggie pics are great! We are looking for a pup to join our family (we have cats but want a dog).