Saturday, April 15, 2006

A mishmash day

I had a pretty good day today-saw my dad, saw some friends out tonight and met my new neighbor.

The house next door to me is an odd one, a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque number that sticks out like a sore thumb (a pretty one) in the circa 50's neighborhood. When we first moved in it was a drug den, the owner finally got forclosed on and a real estate agent bought it and renovated it and resold it to a nice couple from Florida who moved here for a hotel job.

They got transferred and it sold to a co-worker of theirs. Drag Queens. They were a fun bunch-we got invited to a few parties and had a hoot. They decided to move and sold it to a co-worker of theirs whom I met tonight. He seems like a nice guy-he is still painting and redoing some things before moving in.

I felt embarrassed earlier that it took so long to figure out why Firefox was flaking out on both my computers. I forgot I had checked the boxes that say auto update in Firefox and not to auto update in my firewall! So when I opened up Firefox it would give me an error message that it couldn't connect because the firewall saw it as new program as well as a threat. That wasted 30 minutes of my day!

I bathed my dog Taylor yesterday, and he is the only dog that I have ever had that likes it. I was a little upset later on while I was playing with him like I normally do that he got aggressive and snapped at me. Towards my face even. He is the one that was attacked by the pit bull so I'm thinking he was still gun-shy.

It caused drama around here because I spanked him for it and Rick got upset with me for doing so. We disagree heavily on discipling the dogs. I'm of the school where if they do something wrong you spank them-especially if they show aggression-I won't put up with them thinking the are the leader of the pack-I am!

Or if they mess in the house, I won't put up with that at all. I would rather rub all of their noses in the mess and spank them all if I didn't know who did it just to be sure-where Rick is really lenient.

He also is the one who feeds them whereas I'm the one who bathes thems, takes them to the vet, clips their nails and gives them their medicines-who do you think they run to and like the most! I'm the heavy I guess. I can just see if we had kids, it would be the same. Maybe not.

With his kids, he is the heavy and I'm the fun step-parent that keeps secrets, takes them out for fun and sides with them usually when he is mad at them!

The fun final note of my day was balancing the check book, or actually un-balancing it. I had wrote in a deposit twice by accident-a large one. So here I was operating on a lot more money than I actually had-that was a fun discovery!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

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Sim Warford said...

I've learned to balance our checkbook--on the end of my finger! I have online banking, now though, so it's easy to find out what we've spent, what we have, etc.
I need to bathe my dogs, too. It might just be warm enough today; the question is, am I brave enough, and are there enough drugs in the house! For all parties concerned!
The pets, house, finances--ok, pretty much everything! falls to me in this household--but I like it that way. Most of the time. Doug isn't a good disciplinarian; he'll smack them (rarely), but doesn't seem to realize they have to be punished immediately, or it doesn't mean anything--except perceived bullying. They just don't understand the concept of circumstantial evidence!