Monday, April 17, 2006

Job Hunting

I put in a few applications today and have some marked for tomorrow or Wednesday. Tomorrow I plan on calling everyone I know to see if they have heard of anything.

I hate trying to sell myself and job hunting is one of my least favorite things to do. I don't mind the after part, just the application/interview part-I always feel like I'm in grade school taking a test!

Brian likes his new job, but it has been long hours, long long hours. Of the group that he trained with 2 quit during their shift saying they couldn't take it anymore and one wasn't paying attention and broke his wrist. He gets his first paycheck tomorrow so he is really excited-I hope he can hang on with the long hours and only 1 day off.

We are still hot and windy, today got up to 98. I got nervous earlier when I was picking up Brian from work-around the corner from the house it seemed smoky and hazy-with all these fires lately it made me paranoid.

I hope everyone had a great Easter :)


Sim Warford said...

I've put in a couple of apps, myself--no interviews yet. I feel the same as you. I'm surprised I've ever gotten a job, frankly. I'm a terrible interview-ee. I'm either so nervous I can't answer anything that requires more than one one syllable word; or I giggle at an inappropriate time. Or some question brings out the smart-ass in me.
Doug's daughter finally got a job, too! Sounds a lot like Brian's, at least with the long hours, etc.
It's been hot, windy and dry here, too; the weather is, literally, freaking weird this year! We've had a couple of storms--all sound and fury, no rain. But, knock on wood, no tornadoes, either.
We had a great Easter--hope you all did, too! Sim

The Persian said...

98?? Yikes its been around 60-65 here of late and we are practically in swimwear. I am right with you on selling yourself, I'm horrid at it. Ive been at my current job waaay too long and need a kick in the but to get out of there.


JC said...

Good Luck on the job hunting can be a rather humbling experience. I was looking at your current Movie list - I saw the Prize Winner of Definace Ohio this weekend - I thought it was a really good movie.

I am with you on the doggie discipline. If you don't act the alpha dog, the dog will think they are. Maybe you need to spank Rick - LOL! Just started reading you Blog, sorry to hear your dog was attacked...

Scott E D said...

There are few things worse then looking for a job. Good Luck.