Monday, April 10, 2006

6 weird things/habits about yourself

I saw this on my friend Ginger's
blog and thought I would do it just so everyone can see how nuerotic/weird I am!

1: I am a total neat freak-we are talking toothbrush in the crevices, move the appliances/furniture, organize sock drawer freaky.

2: When I get in a reading mood, I read about 4-5 books a week.

3: I am a incurable procastinator.

4: I will watch any game show-anytime, anywhere.

5: I will not cry in front of anyone-but will bawl like a baby in private.

6: I collect duck figurines, ship models, hand figurines, crosses, toy cars, rocks and fossils. I also have a collection of odds and ends that I won't get rid of due to my sentimental nature.

Now it is all out there in the open, sigh, I feel better!


Sim Warford said...

Well, I'm exactly like you on 2, 3, and 5; I'd say 6, as well, but I don't actually collect anything that particular. I'm more pack-rat than collector. And at the moment, I'm having a bit of "reader's block;" I have three books that I've gotten about halfway through, and haven't opened for a couple of weeks! One I haven't looked at for close to two months!
Number 1 is quite a different matter; I think there's a place for everything--and that place is where it happens to land. And if I don't see it (like dust bunnies, cobwebs, etc.), it doesn't exist. Furniture should never be moved! Unless it's in the direct path. And even then. . .

The Persian said...

well as much as I aspire to be a #1 I fall short at times.

I am right with you on procrastination, and game shows also.

I collect things as well, but as I recently moved from a house to condo sadly some stuff had to go.


Scott E D said...

You and my mother would have lots to talk about. She cleans the insulation on the refrigerator door.

Do you want her number, you two can start a support group?