Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interview blues

I had a relaxing Sunday, I had already caught up on the laundry and dishes as well as house cleaning and just watched tv, entered my daily contests, and got my clothes ready for tomorrow.

I got a call Friday for a job interview Monday. I wasn't nervous until an hour ago. Then I looked at the note I made while talking to the lady and noticed it says Monday the 2nd at 11am. I distictly remember her saying Monday the second so I am going to show up tomorrow anyway and if I'm a day early I guess that is better than being a day late!

Hope everyone has a great Monday :)


The Persian said...

*crosses fingers*
Hope it went well buddy!!


alyceclover said...

Been there/done that. So, the interview was on the 2nd afterall, did you show up a day early? Or call to confirm? Like your blog.