Saturday, April 08, 2006

A blast from the past or don't blog when you are drunk

I get home from a blurry Friday and find this picture staring back at me from my email

My best friend Ginger had told me about this picture but I couldn't place it. Her scanner was down for awhile and she finally fixed it and emailed it to me.

I vaguely remember this person. This was me when I was somebody else entirely different. I think I was mid 20's and didn't have a clue what was forthcoming in my life as it is now.

I was in Ciudad Juarez, had a ton of money, and pretended to be happy. The next year I looked the same in Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. I looked similar in the Caymans, Jamaica, Cancun and Cozumel. This was who I was when money didn't matter.

I went from the low income neighborhood to the 4500 square foot house where I parked my Land Rover, boat, motor home, Excursion, Jeep (just for fun) and had my eye on the BMW that I thought I deserved.

I went from monthly bills of $25,000+ to eeek, will I be able to pay my cable bill this month?

That was who I was then, but who am I now? I vaguely recognize myself in this picture. I don't remember it being taken but I remember the past that goes with it.

I ran into my ex tonight, the one that I built all of my past with-and the one thing that stuck out in my mind was thank God I am not that person any longer.

He was with his new crowd, I was with mine. He points over at me, says something to his friends and they all laugh. It WAS funny, but I was laughing at something completly different than what they were!


Ginger said...

I didn't mean to spark such introspection... Sorry I didn't warn you first. Darn those martoonis.

I just want you to know I loved you then, I love you now. :)

Sim Warford said...

Well, it's a good picture, anyway! I don't know if I'm really any different now than I was 20 years ago--other than older. Probably no wiser ("Those were the days, my friend!"), though hopefully a little less silly.
For some reason, I think Spring is a time of more introspection than any other time of year.

Donna said...

Sounds like you've had an interesting life.

The Persian said...

Tori Amos did a song called Juarez, which was sort of a tribute to the hundreds of young women who were murdered in unsolved attacks in that village.

You sound like me, I had traveled extensively by that age as well, including a month trip to europe alone at 20 where I traveled from city to city from Malmo Sweden to Florence Italy.

I crossed over the pond three times more before I hit 27. I so love to travel, and find myself overseas more often than traveling domestically.

you were adorable in that pic!