Monday, April 24, 2006

Home sweet home

Out of left field my Dad tells me that he is going to sell his house to move into a house that my Sister and her husband bought next door to their house.

My sister had mentioned it a few months ago, but I didn't think it would go through. I think my Dad is being rash about it, he hasn't even seen the house and is already talking to real estate agents. My ex and my ex company will probably list it.

As I left that day, I had this sick feeling in my stomach that hasn't gone away. I'm not sure if it is from knowing I won't be able to visit the house I grew up in, that my ex will be involved in it, or that I think my Dad is making a mistake. Probably all of the above.

My ex cannot be trusted in my opinion, I have heard him badmouthing my family many times, and my sister works for him and knowing he will be involved in selling the house makes me sick.

I'm torn-I don't want to tell my Dad and sister what he has said for many reasons. My sister works for him, my Dad trusts him, and even if I do say something he will deny it and make it look like I made it all up for bitter reasons.

I will probably say something for better or worse-that way if they keep in contact with him it will be their choice and out of my hands.

I hope everyone has a great week :)


Sim Warford said...

Well, for what it's worth, I think you should say something. Of course, this comes from someone who only opens his mouth long enough to get himself into trouble.
I've only been able to bring myself to go by my folks' house once since I sold it; and I don't know if I'll go again. I was depressed for a week--and I really didn't even grow up there, or like the house all that much. Except for the central heat and air.
I can understand your dad wanting to move to another house, though. And he may not feel that way in a month or even a week. Maybe just play for time.

The Persian said...

I don't mean to intrude but what was the nature of his comments? Do you really think he would sabotage them in some way? Is he that vindictive?

I feel you and the loss of the family home, my parents partitioned our 6 acres, sold 2 with the original house and then built a big new place. I look across their lawn over at my childhood home with sadness that I can no longer go inside.