Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Late night shopping and spaghetti pie

I found a recipe today called spaghetti pie while I was bored and flipping through a "Good Housekeeping" magazine that came as a free sample to get me to subscribe. For some reason it sounded good and I trudge to the store and get all the stuff and throw it together.

It actually came out decent, tomorrow I'm going to try the shepherd's pie recipe I found. I guess I was in a dinner rut of eating the same things over and over.

I had a weak moment last night of internet shopping. I found this digital camera for a pretty good price, plus it takes video. I have been wanting it for a long time and the price finally went way down.

Then I found this gadget a few months ago after researching what to do with an extra flat panel monitor I have sitting around:

It lets you hook any monitor up to receive tv/cable without having to be hooked up to the computer. I had been wanting this when it first came out but it was really high, the price dropped as well.

I hope everyone is having a great week :)

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Sim Warford said...

I've seen recipes for spaghetti pie, and thought it sounded good; I've had shepherd's pie, and liked it, though never made it. Yet.
I've been wanting a new digicam; the two I have were freebies, and don't work anymore; not that they were great in the first place. I guess you get what you (don't) pay for!