Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where I Am From

I found this on Donna's blog and thought I would give it a go. If you decide to try it, the template guide is here. Donna did one for her and one for her husband that I enjoyed reading.

My friend Ginger did one as well. If you decide to do one let me know, would love to read it.

Here it goes:

I am from a rebellious shy Catholic girl who married at 15 for so many reasons and Southern Baptist farm kid who came home from graduation to find his bags on the porch.

I am from parents who met on a double date at a carnival and ditched their dates because they fell in love at first sight.

I am from Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker, Hungry Man TV dinners, Tupperware and generic brands.

I am from a bad backed, gnarled fingered Dad who got that way working 3 jobs so my Mom could stay home and raise kids. I am from the suburbia that slowly went from middle to lower income just as the 30 year mortgage paid off.

I am from the identical plots of Bermuda grass lawns filled with dandelions, the snarly Elm trees and the snow of Cottonwood trees.

I am from Saturday cartoons, Sunday breakfasts of bacon, eggs and biscuits & gravy and eating dinner in front of the TV, from Mayo's and Thompson's, Bradstreet's and Dunn's.

I am from the weekend alcoholics who owned liquor stores and men who came home smelling like death from the beef packing plants while the dogs licked their shoes on the porch. I am from people who were in local papers for catching the biggest fish.

I am From Tornado tales of cars being picked up and gently sat down miles away, stories of how bad the great depression was and why I should clean my plate.

I am from not learning about religion until it was my choice, and finding out about sex from HBO and Reader's Digest.

I'm from the Texas panhandle where I would miss the dry wind and thunderstorms if I moved, where I get nervous when tornado sirens go off, from chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, hush puppies and fried catfish.

I am from a Grandfather who taunted me with his missing finger up the nose trick, from the Aunt who went to work one day and was never seen again. I am from snuggling up in a warm quilt that the hands of grandmother's I never met made.

I am from drawers full of black and white photographs and 8mm film spools full of people I am from but who died before I was born. I am from coin collections, collectible liquor bottles and Elvis memorabilia.

I am from people who did the best they could with what they had who I am finally beginning to appreciate.

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Donna said...

Outstanding! I wish everyone whose journal I read would do these; it tells so much about a person.