Sunday, January 02, 2005

Blame it on the real estate agent...

I have been very busy with getting the finishing touches on the house. I start on the floors tomorrow or tuesday depending on how tomorrow goes.

I tried to install the light bar and the medicine cabinet yesterday but at one point I decided I was quickly getting in over my head. There are a few wires that need moved and that is where I drew the line, even though the power was cut off I wasn't confident enough to move them and trust that I wouldn't create an electrical fire later. I could just see someone flicking a light switch later on and snap crackle pop.

I decided to clean all the windows inside and out on Saturday which meant taking the storm glass and screens off. I get to the last one which is the laundry window and something was odd. I kept trying to pull the glass out and the track was all wrong. By that time I was tired and it took me a moment to realize that someone had put the storm window on backwards! You have to go outside to open the window??!!

Whoever owned this house before either had some odd handymen or didn't know what they were doing, I keep running into things like that. When I was cleaning under the sink I noticed the water supply to the ice maker was hooked to the hot water line. Rick always laughs and blames it on the dang real estate agent (which was me!).

This was how I felt yesterday-minus the heels!

This is coming from a church?? (Not safe for work or if kids are around)

Extensive interactive graphics, maps, photos, simulation and other info about the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunamis. (flash required)

Top 10 most outrageous statements of 2004.

The lazy layman's guide to quantum physics.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, Jeff! I got exhausted just reading about the work you've been doing. I look around at my own house and wonder if I've been living here so long just because I don't want to fix everything before moving.