Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Slip N Slide

We had a lot of rain yesterday then it got below freezing last night. My car looked like someone hosed it down before it froze. The doors and locks were frozen shut and it took lots of elbow grease to scrape the windows. When I finally thought it was defrosted enough on the front one, I turned the wipers on and the blades tore because they were still partially frozen to the glass. My stairs were solid ice as well as my driveway. The streets were worse.

I miss my fireplace on nights like this. My wall heater is not cutting it-I can't wait for the central heat in the new place. The way I felt today, that may be winter NEXT year! It was too cold to apply the coat of sealer to the floors so we took a day off. It looks like this weekend it will be warm enough for that.

Rick asked me earlier how many houses I had renovated. I hadn't kept a tally, but after some thinking back I came up with 25 and one 4000 square foot office building. The office was the one I was most proud of with my last house coming in a close second.

It was an eyesore inside and out when we bought it, it had sat vacant for about 4 years and no one would touch it. We got a good deal on it and after we got through (2 months later) it was a sight to see.

Since my ex got it, Rick thinks I should feel like that was a waste of my time. Looking back I don't feel that way. Whenever I see it I feel that same sense of pride I did back when it was still mine, I sigh and think to myself I did that.

He was showing off.

Say it don't spray it!

Just bouncing through?

Future plumber.


Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to sign my comments, buddy. Sorry. I forget that this is not an AOL blog. One of my favorite bits from "Polyester" was when Cuddles dropped Francine off at her house and said something like "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite...don't forget to wash your clothes...ha ha hahah." Good ol' Edith Massey. The Egg Lady. That was her last film. Have you read "Shock Value" by John Waters? He devoted a whole chapter to her. Be careful on those steps, Jeff. Russ

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I agree - it was an accomplishment, not a waste. And you've just brough my winter wather nostalgia to a chashing halt. I NEVER want to live in the Frozen North (or as I think of it, Back East) again. I wouldn't mind a visit, though.