Friday, January 07, 2005

Weekend Assignment #42: Winter Tales

Weekend Assignment #42: Winter Tales is: Share your favorite story of Winter cold -- preferably (but not necessarily) involving something freezing inconveniently and humorously.

Extra credit: Name a song that reminds you of winter that's not Christmas-themed.

I have the tongue frozen to the metal pole story as well as the left the car window down overnight during a snowstorm happen to me over the years but the funniest/oddest story happened a few days before Christmas.

We had a snow/ice storm about 2 days before Christmas and it got down to about 5 degrees. I called my parents to make sure they didn't need any supplies since I have an SUV and can get out easier than they can in weather like that. My Dad answered and was in a tizzy. My Mom could be heard in the background yelling and panicking. Finally my Dad calmed down enough to relate the story.

My Mom had let their chihuahua (Corky) go out in the backyard to do her business while she started some laundry. No less than 3 minutes later she went to call her in and Corky just stood there in the middle of the yard not moving. After some whistles and yelling my Mom goes to pick her up and to her horror finds that she is frozen to the ground!

I think Corky was more traumatized by my parents reaction than being frozen to the ground!! I had to drive over to their house to calm them down and reassure them that Corky would live to be pampered another day! I realized that Corky has it way better than I ever did living at home!

Whenever I hear "Que Sera Sera" by Doris Day it immediatly reminds me of snow. It was 1998 when my town was having a major blizzard. I was snowed in and watching "The Man Who Knew too Much" on AMC cuddled up on the couch. We were featured on CNN all that day as the town in Texas that had a 250 car pile-up due to the blizzard.


Anonymous said...

Poor Corky! That would make a great scene in a movie!!
-- Russ

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Listen to my jaw drop. How was Corky freed from the ground? - Karen

Kristeena said...

Poor little Corky!!! (I have to admit that entry made me literally laugh out loud as I imagined my little Peanut frozen to the ground...) How did you get him unstuck?

(still giggling...)
=) kris