Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The warm welcome

I was prepping the floors for the sealer today and the sander went kaput. I'm hoping it just overheated. My ex got custody of a lot of the power tools, the sander being one of them. I had to borrow this one, so I'm hoping I didn't fry it. Otherwise I'll be shopping for a new one to replace it soon!

I took it as my cue to quit for the day. I got a lot done before it quit working, so if it starts up again tomorrow I can start putting the polyeurothane on. If not I will hand sand it-I'm determined to get this house done darnit!

I had that overwhelming feeling today, like I had so much to still do. A friend stopped by the house today to say hello and see what had been done. She hadn't seen it since it was still in bad shape and she was impressed of how much we had done so far. That made me feel better, seeing it from someone elses view I guess.

We got a "warm welcome" note today, actually it was a notice to tow stuck to the windshield. Some civic minded neighbor decided that instead of reminding us that the inspection sticker on a car we have parked over there was up on December 31, they would call the city to have it towed. I would understand if it was a junk car sitting on blocks, but this is a nice Lincoln!

I told Rick a story of a man in East Texas whose neighbors starting calling them in for every violation he even came close to breaking on the restrictions. He finally got fed up and read the restrictions and saw that it didn't mention exterior paint color. Ours doesn't either. I'm thinking day glo green and pink-it'll match the day-glo orange notice to tow sticker nicely.

I wouldn't really go THAT far, but can you imagine the neighbor's reaction to that when they couldn't stand a nice Lincoln innocently setting there in my driveway?? What really interests/irks me is that you can't see the inpection sticker unless you walk up to the car and look in the front windshield that was facing the house-so someone was really being nosy.

Practicing what he preached.

The phone call is coming from inside the hospital?

Odd & gross food stuffs-at a store near you.

When is the annual book burning?.

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