Saturday, January 29, 2005

A nyquil day....

I have had one too many swigs of nyquil today. I still have the sore throat, runny nose and the aches, but I don't care!

I went to the house with every intention of working on the floors, they were dry and ready for the third coat but I just admired them and came back home! They look really nice-smooth and shiny and a third coat will make them look even prettier. Starting Sunday I am going to start boxing things up and moving in (I hope). I'm not really looking forward to moving all of my stuff downstairs, because I remember how much fun/horrid it was moving it upstairs!

I just thought my plumbing woes were over at the apartments. The plumber called today to "update" me. I knew it was bad when he said that. He got one of the issues taken care of, but the problem with the drain will be more involved. I have the smelling salts and muscle relaxers ready for when I get the bill so I'm all set!

Time for another swig of nyquil and a slather of vicks!


Anonymous said...

This advice is probably a bit late since you already have the sore throat and stuff -- but here's a way to prevent the next one. I'm a heavy smoker who used to get two or three sore throats a year. My doc suggested I get some saline nasal spray and use it often. It hydrates the sinus membranes which are vulnerable to infection when they dry out. I started doing this eight years ago and have only gotten a sore throat twice in that time. Russ

Kristeena said...

Awwww hope you feel better soon. I agree with the saline solution - I'm an asthmatic and when I'm on oxygen my nasal cavities get real dry. That stuff is liquid gold, and makes everything all better.

=) kris