Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dog days

It is still supposed to be too cold to put the sealer on the floors tomorrow. Tuesday through Saturday is supposed to be in the high 50's so I'll get it done then. I'm hoping to be packing/moving by the end of this week or the first of next week. So tomorrow I'll probably work on painting the trim in the spare bedroom. We were going to wait and do that after the move in, but I might as well do it now while we are waiting. If not I have a few other things I can do.

After we move in, I'm getting my dog Taylor back from my ex. My vet said their best guess was that he was an american foxhound maybe with some beagle mixed in.

I found Taylor at the local shelter. He was a stray hours away from being put down. When I walked by his pen he ran to the gate, sat down, put his head down and his paw up-that was all it took! Whoever had him before trained him very well. He wont jump up on people, responds to several commands, and wont jump on the furniture.

It'll be a nice change to have a well behaved dog around the house again! The other two are so spoiled and think they are the bosses. Randy and Petey have Rick wrapped around their paws and he counteracts any discipline I try to instill in them. I finally gave up. Here is a picture I took of them recently-I couldn't get one of them without the green eyes showing up.


Anonymous said...

Those are some handsome dogs you there. Jeff! I'm glad your mom is getting a little R & R. That can work wonders mentally and physically. Wishing you all the best, Russ.

Kristeena said...

My little dog always has those weird eyes each time I take his pic. And its only the one that's half datchund (or however you spell it) and half chihuahua. They're adorable, even though they're stinkers.

ps my ex got custody of my dogs, and I got custody of Emily...yay to you for getting your doggie back!

=) kris